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Camangi WebStation unboxed and reviewed



geardiary_camangi_webstation_webpad_01-500x228Judie at Gear Diary received her Camangi WebStation Android-based tablet (her blog buddy Dan wasn’t so lucky) and put together a brief unboxing. I normally don’t care for unboxing videos, but Judie, being a master of the craft, did one that I rather enjoyed. I especially liked the size comparison (seen here).

LAPTOP Magazine went a step further and offered a brief review of the device. The verdict is mixed. While it sounds quite nice to handle, they note it’s a bit sluggish and the resistive touchscreen works as well as can be expected: good with a stylus but not as responsive to touch as a capacitive digitizer. What I’m not reading is whether it’s a worthwhile purchase compared to a smaller handheld with a full-face touchscreen. That, I think, will decide whether it’s a winner or not.

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