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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Released for iPhone and Android



King Digital Entertainment has unleashed its third title to the popular Candy Crush series, and it’s available now for Android, iPhone, and Windows. The popular game developers confirmed the news earlier this week, and here’s what Candy Crush addicts need to know.

Jelly Saga is the third title from the game company, and was just released as 2016 kicks off, just in time for those New Years resolutions to fade out and get distracted by addicting gameplay.

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Those who’ve played the original Candy Crush Saga or the follow-up Soda Saga, will be right at home. The gameplay is similar, but there are also some exciting new changes and additions to this extremely popular, time consuming, and frustrating game. Below is a quick clip showing the first 20 minutes of the game, additional details, and download links for those who want it right now.


Along with the usual candy matching game mechanics are a host of new all-new challenges and cool abilities that can be unlocked, but of course, it’ll take some time. With Jelly Saga levels span across multiple grids, which are linked by making matches over the purple jelly squares. It’s all about the jelly this time around.

Cover the entire purple square stage in Jelly, and players will get to move on. There’s also new 2×2 squares that offer special power-ups like little fish that slide from square to square and smear the jelly around the board to help you clear matches faster. Here’s a quick video showing it in action.

With Jelly Saga there are two new game modes; Jelly and Boss. With Jelly Mode, players are required to match candies and jellies in sequence to complete levels. In Boss mode, players must test their elite skills against the Jelly Queen and her little queen minions.

There is also new things called Pufflers, little marshmallows that sneak around under iced squares. Players will need to make matches and uncover them before they move around the grid or map. Like a little bonus to clear it as fast as you can. King, the developers,  also added 120 new levels set to the Candy Kingdom. Meaning there will be a lot of levels players will get stuck on for far too long, and eventually proceed further and further in the game.

The game was released yesterday, January 7th on Android, iOS for the iPhone and iPad, not to mention Windows 10. Saga and Soda Saga are two of the top 5-10 top-grossing mobile games in the US, and Jelly Saga will probably make the list soon enough.

In less than 24 hours on the Google Play Store Jelly Saga already has well over 1 million downloads, nearly 60,000 reviews at the time of this post, and more are coming. There appears to be a few initial launch problems, but expect updates in the coming days to smooth things out so players can get back to their Candy Crush.

Download it now from the Google Play Store, App Store and more.



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