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Carnegie-Mellon Develops Tablet PC Math Game



There’s a new Tablet PC math game in town thanks to the folks from Carnegie-Mellon. Unfortunately, I have not found any download links to the software, but I’ll see what I can uncover.

From Peninsula On-Line

Carnegie Mellon University has developed an innovative Tablet PC based system for learning mathematics through games.

The system will integrate gaming as part of the process to encourage and motivate students to work on math problems. The mathematical concepts are mapped into gaming actions so that game can be controlled only by solving mathematical problems.

“The system has shown remarkable results. Flexible Tablet PC based interface encourages students to show work in Arabic or English and express their ideas through sketching that can be analysed by the teachers,” Al Obeidah said.

The Tablet Math System is made up of two main components. The first is a thin client installed on tablet PCs. The thin-client is used by students to practise various math problems. The second main component is the web application. The web application is used exclusively by teachers to perform administrative and analytical operations. Teachers can create customised worksheets for individual students or entire class, monitor student’s work online and can understand why a student or group of students have incorrectly answered a problem. The grading of students handwritten work is done by the computer so teachers can focus more on helping students who are having troubles in solving problems.

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