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Catching Up With David Arpino, Our HP Magic Giveaway Winner



I always love a contest that has such positive outcomes – our HP Magic Giveaway contest from last year being a perfect example. Just yesterday I received an email from David Arpino, the contest winner, updating me with how he’s using the TouchSmart and how the Restoration House Projection is continuing to use their HP and Microsoft products. It turns out that David has become quite the HP evangelist, becoming the site moderator at

Here’s what David had to say:

Things with the HP Touchsmart are going great.   I have been very active over at and am actually the sites moderator now…lol.   Its gotten quite busy and the TX2 laptop discussion is outnumbering the Touchsmart discussions.   I’ve actually been referring people to the HP discussions at GBM since the TX is pretty much new to everyone over at TS community.

Daniel and the Restoration House are doing well.   He’s been using the HDX for the business and his wife has been using the HP Mini – although he likes snagging it and taking it to meetings because the HDX is so big.
I have been running Win7 almost exclusively on the touchsmart and really like it.   I found a workaround to get the touchsmart software installed and about 99% working.   As things slow down at school and get the ok from HP,   I’m going to post a how to on GBM – so stay tuned!
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