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Chalk One Up for UMPCs



Many believe that the holy grail for Tablet PC and UMPC success is the education sector. For many reasons, the education sector has many problems that Tablet PC technology aims to solve. There is a reason that Dell is quietly targeting the education space with its XT Tablet PC. They have apparently lost a lot of ground to Lenovo and HP, and are using the XT to make up for lost market share.

What about UMPCs? The highly portable and connected nature of the UMPC seems to be another natural fit. Well, JkkMobile has a good wrapup on what Samsung is doing there: apparently selling tens of thousands of Q1’s to schools in the U.K. alone.

I’d be interested in learning how the UMPC is doing in the U.S. education space. I bet Lora Heiny could tell us.

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