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Chameleon Run App: 5 Things to Know



The Chameleon Run app is normally $1.99, but it is free in the app store as the App of the Week on iPhone. This is what you need to know about this addictive app that challenges you to jump and switch colors.

Unlike many free apps, this one is completely free without the need to buy credits to keep trying, which would definitely be a costly endeavor thanks to the “just one more try” nature of this game.

We’ll walk you through the Chameleon Run app including what it is, how to play, things you need to know and our favorite Chameleon Run tips and tricks.

What is Chameleon Run?

Chameleon Run is a simple infinite runner style game where you need to jump from platform to platform, collecting marbles and crystals as you go.

The catch is that you need to tap on the left side of the screen to change color to match the platform you are landing on. There are only two colors, so it is manageable, though still very challenging at times.

There are four main goals for each level. Complete the level without falling, collect all the marbles, collect all the Smoke Crystals and complete the level without switching colors. The last goal unlocks as you complete other goals, and changes the color of some platforms to make this possible.

Download Chameleon Run for iPhone and iPad, Android or Windows.

How to Unlock Chameleon Run Levels

How to unlock Chameleon Run levels.

How to unlock Chameleon Run levels.

You can unlock additional Chameleon Run levels by completing the challenges listed above. You need to unlock Chameleons in the game by doing those challenges to unlock your way to the next part of the game, and then even more to unlock the second session.

To earn a Chameleon, you need to complete the challenge. You can run the game and do one challenge at a time. Don’t attempt to beat multiple challenges at the same time or you will set yourself up for failure.

As you play, expect the challenges to grow in difficulty, ramping up even as soon as level 6.

Chameleon Run In-App Purchases and Ads

There are no Chameleon Run ads or in-app purchases.

There are no Chameleon Run ads or in-app purchases.

There are no in-app purchases in the Chameleon Run app, so if you download the free version or if you buy the game when it is no longer free you don’t need to spend any more money to unlock levels or characters.

Additionally, there are no ads in Chameleon Run, so you don’t need to watch a 15-second annoying ad for an app you don’t care about just to retry the level.

Chameleon Run Tips & Tricks

Master the game with these Chameleon Run tips and tricks.

Master the game with these Chameleon Run tips and tricks.

There are some essential Chameleon Run tips and tricks that can help you collect the marbles and crystals or beat the levels faster. You’ll learn some of these as you play through the first several levels, but others should be new to many players.

Double Jump – Tap on the jump button a second time to jump another time in the air.

Speed Boost on Landing – If you time your color switch to the last second, you will get a small speed boost.

Head Jump – If your head touches the right color you can jump and double jump again.

Fall and then Jump – If you need to get to new places, fall and then jump or double jump.

You can go into the settings and choose to show your face on the screen. This is handy if you are recording your game and want to incorporate your face into the game. The Chameleon Run settings also allow you to swap the controls if that is easier for you to play the game.

Another tip is to go to the main menu of Chameleon Run and tap on the movie icon. You can watch speed runs and impressive runs from other players to get a better idea of how to tackle a tough challenge.

Chameleon Run Hacks and Cheats

As with many games, there are sites claiming to offer Chameleon Run hacks and Chameleon Run cheats that unlock the levels or allow you to run the level without the need to change colors with unlimited life.

Most of these will ask you to enter personal information to complete a survey or an offer. They promise the ability to deliver in-game items to you by hacking the game.

We’ve never found a time when this worked on any iPhone game or Android game. It’s a good idea to play the game and avoid giving your personal information for any of these.



  1. Davin Peterson

    02/15/2017 at 12:19 pm

    Chameleon is also available for Android. Stop focusing on Apple all the time and don’t forget about Android

  2. G4gizmo

    02/22/2017 at 10:05 am

    Awesome 4K HD gameplay review of chameleon run

  3. Vahn Haro

    04/03/2017 at 1:54 pm

    Hi folks, Vahn here. I’m impressed with the exe idiom of all the elements that go onto actually publishing articles like this. (and I’m recently & hopelessly addicted to Chameleon Run myself, such as being, compelled me to find this informative & interesting piece.) Not a skiled, experienced gamer, tho oddly fascinated with this & to a lesser degree, few other android games, I’ve some (probably foolish) questions which I’m sure that a well educated & help-motivated team of pros like yours could easily answer without exposing too much my rudimentary understanding. Lol! Where is the option to insert a pic of my personal ugly face into the game UI? Please respond kindly, as I respect your views on subjects of this nature. Thank you! Best regards, Vahn Haro

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