Comedian “Punks” Apple Store, Employees Don’t Flinch

Comedian Mark Malkoff wanted to test the limits of just how “nice” Apple Store employees can be. He may have to keep trying.

The video, first dug up by Gothamist, shows Malkoff push the boundaries of what one can get away with in an Apple Store before getting kicked out. His list of over-the-top tactics includes getting food delivered, enjoying a romantic dinner, parading around the store as a familiar Star Wars character, and – last but certainly not least – bringing his pet goat┬áin for a stroll.


We know that Apple trains their employees to be as easy-going with customers as possible, but just how much did they allow? As it turns out, the staff of the NYC area stores that he visited have a pretty high threshold.

You can check out the video below to see his antics and the Geniuses’ reactions:

via CNET