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Conference Me In Simplifies Conference Calls on the iPhone



Dialing into a conference call direct from a smartphone is a major pain. It’s nearly impossible to remember 10 digit passcodes while jumping between apps.

Thanks to Conference Me In, users no longer need to remember conference call details, just open the app and tap to dial a conference call and the passcode.

Conference Me In automatically detects conference calls in the iPhone calendar, and figures out the pass code needed to enter to join the meeting.

No scrambling to enter the participant code ordered meeting ID, Conference Me In appends it to the phone number. All the user needs to do is hit # after dialing.

Conference Me In iPhone Conference Call App

This app solves a major problem for business users, PR people, and anyone else who must join conference call meetings on a regular basis.

In testing Conference Me In, the app did a good job of picking up meetings and passcodes but it isn’t perfect.

The app detected passcodes entered as a participant code, but failed to recognize “meeting ID” as a number that needed entered. I changed my calendar entry to “meeting code” and the app picked up on the 10 digit number. Hopefully this is updated in future versions of the app.

Conference Me In can show users their entire calendar, or just conference call the events in a simple calendar interface. The app allows users to view all events, or just conference calls.

Even though Conference Me In isn’t perfect, I love the app because it saves time and frustration every time I have to make conference call.

Conference Me In is a free iPhone app with ads.

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