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Cord Cocoon a Nifty Way to Cut Cord Clutter



One day we’ll be all wireless without a cord in sight. Yeah, right. I’m not holding my breath. Even our wireless devices have cords a plenty to connect them to each other, chargers, and just about anything else. Sure there’s Bluetooth communication and wireless charging solutions. But even wireless charging solutions have cords and you usually need to plug in whatever Bluetooth device you’re using at some point to charge it up.


So, we have cords. And cords clutter up our desks, our pockets, and our gadget bags. It seems like it is a must have feature that cords become tangled, no matter how much care you take to keep them from doing so.

There have been a number of accessories big and small designed to help you eradicate cord clutter and they all work for the most part. A nifty one I just stumbled across is called the Cord Cocoon. For those who are used to tossing cords into a pocket or gadget bag it is a nifty little way to cut down some of the clutter.

The Cord Cocoon is a two piece plastic device. Using the cocoon metaphor, it stores your cord inside wrapped around a center core and allows you to pull out the two ends to the desired lengths to connect whatever it is you’re connecting.


To use the Cord Cocoon, you make a loop with the cord you want to insert into the cocoon. The you line up the inner portion of the device with the outer ring so that a center ridge catches the end of that loop.



Holding on to the outer ring, you rotate the center portion until the cord is cocooned inside. When you’re ready to use the cord for charging or syncing, you pull out the two ends to the desired length, plug in and go. Once you’re done, you just wind the cord back into the cocoon.

It works on a similar principal as retracting cords and cables we’ve seen in the past, but the Cord Cocoon let’s you pick a cord and you do the work of cocooning it.

The Cord Cocoon is available at for $9.00, or at [amazon_link id=”B00FETXI6U” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] for $4.95 and on The Square Market for $5.95.

It might make a nice stocking stuffer for your favorite gadget geek.

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