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Cornerstone Hack Brings ‘Windows’ to CM9 ROMs for Android Tablets



Cornerstone is a new hack that brings a more efficient multitasking experience to Android tablets running on CyanogenMod 9 ROMs. While both Google and Apple have made strides with the tablet experience on Android and iOS slates respectively, neither consumer mobile tablet operating systems go far enough to bring true desktop-like multitasking.

Cornerstone allows users to open apps in windows

On Google’s Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich Android versions, consumers can quickly multitask by switching to opened apps. Additionally, a number of apps have been created with the tablet experience in mind, with multi-pane layouts that allow users to see and view more information at a glance, like on a desktop program, rather than a large scaled up single-pane view that’s taken from a smartphone and stretched to fit the larger tablet screen. This just makes use of efficient screen real estate, but doesn’t do more to make it convenient for users who may want to juggle multiple tasks simulataneously.

Enter Cornerstone, which is an app that does just that–users can now work on multiple apps concurrently, rather than have to switch from one app to the next. Cornerstone breaks up your tablet’s ‘desktop’ into three windows. You have a larger window on the left hand side and two smaller windows stacked on top of each other on the right hand side. Now, for example, you can work on an email, have an instant messenger (IM) app open, and listen to music or watch a video all at the same time. The experience here is much more similar to what users can do on a desktop computer or a laptop running a desktop OS, like Windows, OS X, or Linux.

You can choose which apps open where, and the concept should definitely create a better experience for users who do multiple tasks at the same time.

In the past, hardware manufacturers have tried to create this experience by implementing multiple screens, rather than multiple windows. Kyocera created the Echo smartphone for Sprint with dual-screens and Sony came out with the Tablet P with dual displays as well. Kyocera calls its dual-screen multitasking capabilities ‘simul-tasking.’

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