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December Black Ops 3 Update Detailed: 19 Weapon Changes



The December Black Ops 3 update release date is coming in the middle of the month, but thanks to a massive hotfix you don’t need to wait to experience most of the changes. This is an early look at some of what’s new in the December Black Ops 3 hotfix, and how it can impact how you play the game. This focuses on Black Ops 3 weapons changes and Scorestreak changes.

Update: Check out what’s new in Black Ops 3 Patch 1.04

A hotfix is a direct update to game files on your console or PC, but not a total update. The full December Black Ops 3 update release date is set for the middle of the month, but with Call of Duty World League taking place Treyarch does not want to introduce major changes to the game during play.

To handle this situation and a busy month overall, Treyarch rolled out a new December Black Ops 3 update to, which includes a lot of weapons changes. This updates the current version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and these changes will make up the a good part of the new December Black Ops 3 update that Treyarch calls Black Ops 3 Update 4.

This is what you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 weapons changes.

This is what you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 weapons changes.

We don’t know the full change log, but we do know specifically that there are 19 weapon changes and 13 tweaks to Scorestreaks.

December Black Ops 3 Weapon Changes

Overall Treyarch changed the attributes of 19 weapons across a range of categories. Some of the weapons are buffed — making them more powerful. This can be in the form of better control or range or simply dealing more damage per hit.

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Other weapons are Nerfed, which means they deal less damage or the ability to use them to do damage is impacted with shorter range, slower movement or something like that. Some weapons like the ICR-1 are buffed in one area and nerfed in another.

14 Black Ops 3 Weapons Buffed in December

Many Black Ops 3 guns are now stronger in important areas.

Many Black Ops 3 guns are now stronger in important areas.

Here is a list of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapons that Treyarch increased the power of in the December Black Ops 3 hotfix that will make up a good part of Update 4. These are live in Black Ops 3 now, so you may want to change your classes.

  • Kuda – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • Weevil – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • Razorback – Increased ability to control recoil. Increased lethal range.
  • KN-44 – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • HVK-30 – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • ICR-1 – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • Man-O-War – Increased ability to control recoil.
  • KRM-262 – Now guaranteed two hit kill.
  • 205 Brecci – Increased lethal range.
  • Haymaker 12 – Increased lethal range.
  • Dingo – Increased ability to control recoil. Movement speed increased.
  • MR-6 – Movement speed increased.
  • RK5 – Movement speed increased.
  • L-CAR 9 –  Movement speed increased.


8 Black Ops 3 Weapons Nerfed in December

There are other weapons that Treyarch deemed too powerful, and subsequently decided to limit their abilities. If you use one of these weapons, you may need to adjust your play style or look for a new weapon.

  • VMP – Takes longer to aim down sights. Hip fire spread increased.
  • Vesper – Reduced lethal range.
  • XR-2 – Movement speed reduced.
  • ICR-1 – Hip fire spread increased.
  • M8A7 – Fire rate reduced.
  • 48 Dredge – Fire rate reduced.
  • RK5 – Reduced lethal range.
  • L-CAR 9 –  Reduced damage. Reduced lethal range. Hip fire spread increased.

After leveling up the Vesper and learning how to do decent damage at a distance this is a frustrating change to see. Treyarch Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar shares, “Never forget. I know *exactly* what I am doing.” in response to the outlined weapons changes.

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Official Black Ops 3 Scorestreak Changes

As we shared earlier this week Treyarch delivered changes to the Black Ops 3 Scorestreaks. This makes it tougher to shoot them down and increases the damage and speed of many scorestreaks.

The video above shows some of the changes compared to the old Scorestreaks and the list below outlines the official changes.

  • Explosive damage increased


  • Explosive damage increased for collision explosions
  • Handling tuning
  • Minimum speed slightly reduced
  • Fixed an issue where the Dart was not locking onto enemy players


  • AI controlled damage slightly increased


  • Increased number of missiles required to destroy by 2
  • Owner turret explosive bullet damage increased
  • Owner rocket turret projectile speed increased


  • Cluster bomb explosive damage increased

Rolling Thunder

  • Explosive radius per drone increased
  • Explosive damage per drone increased
  • Added 4 pairs of drones
  • Health per drone increased


  • Increased missiles required to destroy by 1
  • Increased EMP Grenades required to destroy by 1

G.I. Unit

  • Increased number of War Machine hits required to destroy
  • Slightly increased duration
  • Slightly decreased time stunned when hit by EMP Grenade


  • Increased base health


  • Increased base health


  • Increased base health
  • Fixed an issue where the Flak Drone would not intercept incoming missiles


  • Increased number or missiles required to destroy Deploy Ship by 1
  • Increased health per drone
  • Explosive damage per drone increased

Lightning Strike

  • Reduced the time between target selection and payload delivery

Check out the slides below for more on what to expect from Black Ops 3 Update 4, which is what many of us call the December Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 update.

December Black Ops 3 Update: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To

Expect Many Small December Black Ops 3 Updates

Expect Many Small December Black Ops 3 Updates

Over the next few weeks we expect to se a lot of small December Black Ops 3 updates before a major patch arrives. If you look at the number in the upper corner of the screen when you are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 you'll notice that it changes when you start the game up.

The checking files screen downloads small Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 updates, called hotfixes, that include small changes to the game without a specific download of a major patch.

Sometimes there are small version differences at the end of the number which suggests Treyarch is testing multiple fixes with some of these updates before committing the changes to a bigger December Black Ops 3 update.



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