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Delayed U.S. Launch of Galaxy S II Launch May Force Customers to Make Decision to Wait for Galaxy S 3



Although Samsung has boasted that it has sold 5 million Android-powered Galaxy S II smartphones, the Korean giant still has yet to launch its second-generation flagship mobile phone in the U.S. market. The late launch of this flagship device may also have additional implications as it is reported that Samsung is preparing for an early 2012 launch of the third-generation smartphone that may debut as the Galaxy S 3.

According to CNET UK, the Galaxy S 3 will boast a number of improvements over the yet to be launched Galaxy S II smartphone. The new device will feature quad-core processing, up from the Galaxy S II’s dual-core chipset, a bright AMOLED-based 3D display compared to the II’s Super AMOLED Plus 2D WVGA screen, 12-megapixel camera, and also NFC chipset support. The device would also launch with Google’s next generation operating system known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

News of the new device was revealed by Samsung’s own JK Shin who is head of the company’s mobile division.

Shin also says that a 4G tablet will be coming later in the year. Verizon Wireless is expected to launch a 4G LTE edition of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 this week, so it’s unclear if Shin intends to mean the Verizon release or another tablet introduction.

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