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Dell 27 Ultrathin: Shockingly Thin Display



The Dell Ultrathin 27-inch monitor is a shockingly thin display that moves all the typical monitor parts to the base in order to deliver a super thin display that looks a little like an all-in-one.

This Quad HD display packs in a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and supports a Dell specific version of HDR. This is not the same as HDR that you will see on your HDTV, but it will deliver a higher contrast and an overall wider range than traditional monitors.

If you love a clean-looking desk with a great looking monitor, the Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor is one you need to look at. Dell calls this the “world’s overall thinnest monitor,” and it matches up with the Dell XPS line of notebooks very well.


This is the Dell 27 Ultrathin, a crazy thin display coming in March.

This is the Dell 27 Ultrathin, a crazy thin display coming in March.

The Dell 27 Ultrathin features a wide range of view, up to 178 degrees according to the company. We had time to look at this display ahead of the announcement at CES and found it looked very impressive.

Users can connect with USB C including power or with HDMI 2.0. There is also an audio line out to connect a pair of speakers directly to the monitor.

You can buy the Dell 27 Ultrathin for $699 starting on March 23rd.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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