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Demo of Condé Nast Efforts for Bringing Magazines to Tablets



One of the many Apple Tablet rumors had publisher Condé Nast (the publisher of Wired and other magazines) working on bringing their publications into a format that would run on the device. 9to5Mac has posted a video of a version of Wired running on an app powered by Adobe Air saying this is what CN has been working on for the Apple Tablet. Quite honestly, I doubt Condé Nast, or any other publisher, would be working on these efforts for  just one mythical platform. Besides given the rumored delays of the rumored Tablet, this would probably have a better chance on other platforms at least in the early going. I mean, isn’t everyone creating a media consumption touch screen device? Using Adobe Air as the platform supports that thesis, especially given Apple’s current distaste for Adobe on its iPhone platform.

Be warned, the music on this is atrocious and atrociously loud, so you might want to mute your speakers.

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