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Details on TEGA v2 Android dual-booting, launch bumped by WP7 debut



Our friend Hugo Ortega is really excited about the upcoming launch of Tegatech’s TEGA v2. I would be too if I was launching, say, the Sumotech SUMO v2. He’s passing along more news, good and bad, in response to some of the burning questions out there.

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. As we recently learned, Microsoft will be having their big Windows Phone 7 launch on October 11th. More pertinently, the launch in Australia is scheduled for October 12th, the same day the TEGA v2 was to launch. Obviously, all the news about Windows Phone 7 will swamp any news about Windows 7 anything else, so Australia-based Tegatech will accommodate the event and move their TEGA v2 launch back to October 15th. Disappointing but quite sensible.

Channel partners and pricing will be announced at launch. First round buyers can expect their orders within six working days and will receive the following accessories: screen protector, AC adapter, car charger, VGA adapter (the TEGA v2 uses a tiny port due to space restrictions), screen cleaner and basic stand.

On the software side, we’ve learned that the Thinix Touch UI and Eyesboard on-screen keyboard will be preloaded as “extended trials”. Both have been mentioned here in the past. Thinix Touch is a touch-optimized overlay that has reminded some of the now-defunct Microsoft Origami Project. Eyesboard is a more customizable alternative to the standard Windows 7 on-screen ‘board. Perfectly fine software to pre-load on a UMPC, but I’m not digging the “extended trials” language.

And for the big news, here is the straight scoop on Android dual-booting.

Due to popular demand Tegatech is currently working to release Android 2.1 and 2.2 in the near future for the TEGA v2. For a limited time anyone wishing to experience Android 1.6 (including instructions on dual-booting to Windows) Tegatech will offer a free download of the Android 1.6 .ISO and instructions for all customers. While certain features of the TEGA v2 and the Android platform will not be available using Android 1.6 we feel as though the operating system should be made available for your trial as soon as possible, and therefore Tegatech will offer a free download and instructions for all.
NOTE: dual booting is recommended on TEGA v2 with 32GB SSD and above.

From the installation instructions, it is noted that this version of Android was re-built by the manufacturer specifically for a dual OS environment. As a result, if installed, it will always show the dual boot option even if you uninstall Windows, nor are there any guarantees the installation software and instructions will work for other versions of Android (not counting their official updates).

Addressing a previous comment on Android for x86, I would point out that Intel is working on such a project themselves both to compete in the mobile device realm and for Google TV, which will feature devices powered by Intel Atom. In fact, Intel was supposed to have launched Android 2.2 for x86 this summer. Obviously they missed that mark, but the point is we should expect Android for x86 to be a big deal.

And for those of you who have been inquiring about this, I’ve discovered (through researching this story, not from Hugo) that the TEGA v2 (and almost certainly the ViewSonic ViewPad 10) is the P10T model from original design manufacturer CZC Technology. The P10T’s initial coming out was as a MeeGo device, so clearly Android isn’t the only alternate OS possible.

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1 Comment

  1. boing

    10/05/2010 at 3:59 pm

    I love windows 7. The android sounds good too. Also windows 7 phone :-)

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