Did Best Buy Sell a Developer Test Version of HP’s TouchPad with Android Pre-Loaded?

Thought that the HP TouchPad is a webOS-only device out of the box? Well, guess again. A user who reportedly walked into a Best Buy store to acquire the HP TouchPad, which is made to run webOS out of the box, discovered that he got a special version with Android 2.2 Froyo instead. In the user-generated and uploaded video on YouTube, you can see that the TouchPad appears new, with the plastic covering still intact, and when the device boots up, it reveals a QulC logo.

The QulC logo is in reference to the Qualcomm Innovation Center. As the TouchPad utilizes a Snapdragon processor, the QulC logo may indicate that the tablet was used or made to be used as a testing device for Qualcomm, and may have been pre-loaded to run Android as a tester at the Qualcomm Innovation Center.

Some readers are already proclaiming the video a big hoax. Whatever the case may be, if you had bought the 16 GB TouchPad for $99 or the 32 GB for $149, and are interested in Android, there’s already an active Android development community looking to port Android Gingerbread to the webOS-powered slate.

Via: Droid-Life