Did Radio Shack Out the Sprint Marquee as the LG Optimus Black?
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Did Radio Shack Out the Sprint Marquee as the LG Optimus Black?



It has been speculated before that Sprint may be carrying the LG Optimus Black in its portfolio, and now there may be confirmation of that as a device was shown in a Radio Shack video that bears a striking resemblance to the LG device. Radio Shack‘s video showcases a device by the name of the LG Marquee running the stock Android operating system sans any LG customization, and Android Central had dissected the size and button placement on the Marquee to deduce that the device may in fact be the Optimus Black for Sprint. 

Earlier in the year, a leaked Sprint Sprint ID download page had revealed a device by the name of the ‘Optimus B,’ and in July we had a Sprint inventory system screenshot that showed that the Optimus Black was expected in early September.

As Sprint ID phones pretty much are stock Android phones with minimal customizations, this may be yet another clue that the Optimus Black will land as the Marquee, as evidenced in Radio Shack’s video. Sprint ID works on a native Android build of the OS and offers a convenient way for users to download customization packs to personalize their devices in one easy step. For instance, those interested in fitness could download a fitness pack that would include customized ringtones, wallpapers, apps, widgets, and programs that are fitness-oriented to create their own lifestyle-geared Android experience.

For now, Sprint’s not commenting on any rumors or speculations regarding unannounced products.

The Optimus Black was announced earlier this year at CES and promised an extremely bright screen in a relatively compact form factor.

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