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Did the Samsung Galaxy S4 Take These Photos?



Another pair of purported Samsung Galaxy S4 sample photos leaked on Picasa this week, possibly hinting at a 13MP camera which could grace the back of the Galaxy S4.

The two new photos were uploaded to Picasa on February 15th, and spotted by SamMobile, with a less than remarkable subject, but the photo data includes information the shows the two photos were taken with the Samsung GT-I9505, a model number rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

These are not the only Galaxy S4 sample photos which we’ve seen. Earlier this month another pair of possible Galaxy S4 sample photos appeared on Picasa showing off a keyboard and a print out of a child’s worksheet. These photos showed up as coming from the Samsung SGH-I337, the rumored AT&T Galaxy S4 version as well as what may possibly be a Korean Galaxy S4 model.

Galaxy S4 Sample Photo

Possible Galaxy S4 Sample Photo.

The possible Galaxy S4 sample photos aren’t breathtaking, showing two shots of the back of a tower computer, one of which is blurry, but the resolution 2322 x 4128, which is higher than we saw on previous photos. Rumors point to a 13MP camera in the Galaxy S4, an upgrade from the 8MP camera in the Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S4 Sample Photo EXIF

EXIF data shows a possible Galaxy S4 model number.

In the image above you can see the EXIF data which indicates the Samsung GT-I9505 model number that leads us to believe these photos may be from the Galaxy S4. This model number is closer to the rumored, Verizon Galaxy S4 model number, but it’s not clear what model of the Galaxy S4 this would be.

The photos could very well be from the Galaxy S4, but it is possible to fake EXIF data. Neither photo includes location data, which may have been scrubbed to protect the identity of Su Ya. There are no other photos with the same model number on Picasa.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the likely name of the Galaxy S3 successor. The Galaxy S4 is rumored for a March launch and a release in April for many countries. The U.S. Samsung Galaxy S4 release is likely to take place in May or June.

In addition to a 13MP camera the Galaxy S4 will likely feature a 4.99-inch display and could use the Exynos Octa 5 quad-core processor. There are also rumors of a touch-free display.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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