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Dilbert Gets Smartphones: Battery Life or Dropped Calls



If you’re the tech guy or gal in your workplace you’ve probably been asked “What phone should I Get” more than you can remember. While the Android vs. iPhone and AT&T vs. everyone else competition has gotten better Dilbert nails the eternal Smartphone conundrum.

Dilbert - Battery life or dropped calls

Dilbert on Smartphone choices

If you’ve taken on the role of smartphone adviser for friends, family and coworkers you’ve been in the same situation. Unfortunately, too many potential smartphone owners think there is a go-to phone that their favorite geek can recommend. It would be nice if that were the case, but with dozens of Android devices and numerous carrier options and plans, the only easy question is – “Do you want to be angry about your dropped calls or angry about your poor battery life?”

If you do want some help picking a new smartphone, check out our Top 5 Android phones for June and What you can buy instead of an iPhone 5.

Which do you choose?

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