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Dolphin Browser Shares Your Bookmarks Between iPhone, iPad and Android



If you want an alternate browser on the iPhone or iPad, one of the top choices is the Dolphin Browser. This week it got even better, especially for users who are switching from an iPhone to an Android or users who have an Android smartphone and an iPad as their tablet.

The new iPhone and iPad version of Dolphin brings the Dolphin Connect to your iOS devices, joining Android version which introduced Connect last month.

The Dolphin Connect feature makes it possible to sync your bookmarks between your devices, even if one is from Apple and the other is running Android. This is a handy feature for users with different devices.

I don’t bookmark many sites on my mobile devices for longterm use, but I do often want to bookmark something to look at on a bigger screen or to take on the go, and Dolphin Connect brings that Reading List functionality to those of us with a mixed selection of devices.

Dolphin Browser

The new version of the Dolphin browser also claims to deliver a better Webzine experience to the iPhone and iPad. The Webzine presents content in a nicer layout, that is often much easier to read than on a standard webpage. I’ looking forward to trying out the enhanced version, to see how it compares to the Reader feature in Safari.

Dolphin is a browser replacement that is available free in the Apple app store, and includes tabbed browsing and a sidebar for access to settings and other functions. In addition to the Webzine and the new Connect feature, gestures are one of the biggest reasons to use the Dolphin browser.

You can teach your phone a number of gestures, so that you can draw a symbol on the screen to launch your favorite webpage, or take an action. You can see the gestures at work in the video of the Dolphin browser below.

Get the Dolphin browser for the iPhone and iPad.

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1 Comment

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