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Draw Something: 20 Million Downloads in Five Weeks



If you haven’t played Draw Something, a game for the iPhone, iPad and Android, chances are you will soon. Dan Porter of OMGPop, CEO of the company behind the game,  has told Business Insider that the game has been downloaded 20 million times in the past five weeks with 12 million of those users being active. In addition, Porter says that the game is generating six figures in income.

Per day.

Right now, the application is the number one application in a grand total of 79 different countries around the world and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The object of the game, seen in the video below, is simple.

You start by choosing a friend or a random person to play with. You can do that through Facebook, Twitter or through the app itself. Then, you’re given a list of three objects to potentially draw. One of them is easy, one is deemed medium and for those that love a challenge, one is labeled as hard.

Then, you draw.

Once done, you hand it over to your friend to try and guess what it is. There are certain letters that the game gives you to try and guess, making it a bit easier than if you were just having to guess based on the picture along.

If you’re a great artist, this should be pretty easy. If you’re not, it can prove to be fairly difficult.

Thing is, you’re trying to help each other win. The more objects that you and your friend can guess the better as you earn coins based on the difficulty of the object, coins that are used to buy more colors of bombs that are used to blow away unnecessary letters.

It’s an incredibly addictive game, something that is confirmed by some truly mind boggling stats.

As of today, users have produced over 1 billion drawings and just yesterday, on March 11th, Porter stated that there were around 11,000 drawings being made per second.

Draw Something’s success story comes shortly after we heard about the woes of another major game developer.

Mika Mobile, the studio behind games like Zombieville USA and Battleheart, has announced that it’s pulling support for Android because the platform, from a monetary standpoint, isn’t worth developing for.

The company says that Android accounts for a mere five percent of its revenue.

As of right now, it’s unclear how much money Android is generating for Porter and his company but we seriously doubt that it will be pulling its app from the Google Play Store anytime soon.

It’s currently the top free app in the marketplace and second only to Paper Camera in the paid apps category.

All of which was done without spending a cent on marketing since the app’s first week of existence.



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