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Droid DNA Shown with Sense 5, Thanks to HTC M7?



HTC Sense 5, HTC’s rumored upcoming user interface for its devices, can’t seem to keep to the shadows as the software has leaked out again though this time it’s not running on the HTC M7 but on a current HTC smartphone, the Droid DNA for Verizon.

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HTC is heavily rumored to be introducing the HTC M7, its newest flagship, at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona next month. Additionally, the company is rumored to be announcing its brand new user interface for its upcoming devices, and potentially a few current ones, in HTC Sense 5. The software, which has already been seen running in the HTC M7, has now shown up running on a current HTC smartphone.


The Droid DNA shown running HTC Sense 5.

In images found on Chinese language site Weibo, courtesy of HTCSource, HTC Sense 5 appears running on a Verizon branded smartphone, a device that appears to be the Droid DNA, a smartphone that Verizon launched back in November.

In the photo, we see some of the redesign that we saw on the previously leaked images of the HTC M7 including the new weather and news widget. It also shows the minimalistic approach that HTC seems to be taking with HTC Sense 5, a UI that many have complained about for years. It appears that HTC may have taken a page out of Microsoft’s book with its tile approach which seems similar to Windows Phone 8. The rest of the changes, including the new toggles in Settings that we’ve seen, do not appear here.

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HTC Sense 5 is already out in the wild.

It’s unclear just how the Droid DNA in the photo is running the new HTC Sense 5 though we imagine that it’s likely software from the HTC M7 that has been loaded up onto Verizon’s smartphone. The Droid DNA should be one of the first phones to get HTC Sense 5, if HTC does offer the software to current devices, and we expect that even if it doesn’t, the development community will make it available in due time.

The HTC M7 is rumored to be the first device with HTC Sense 5 and it’s likely going to debut alongside the software next month at MWC. It’s rumored to have a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, 13MP camera, design similar to the Windows Phone 8X and Droid DNA and Android Jelly Bean.

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