Droid RAZR Bug Fix Update Rolling Out Soon
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Droid RAZR Bug Fix Update Rolling Out Soon



It would appear that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t the only Verizon 4G LTE smartphone that is going to receiving an update meant to patch up the experience. No, it appears that another one of the carrier’s premier LTE devices, the Motorola Droid RAZR, is going to be seeing a fairly sizable update as well, an update that should take care of some of the pesky bugs owners have been dealing with since launch.

Android Central has caught wind of the update for the Droid RAZR and it seems as though the software has already been pushed out to testers. It’s those testers jobs to ensure that the software is good to go for everyone else. So, if that’s the case, and all is well, we should see the update pushing out to Big Red’s latest 4G Droid smartphone sometime soon.

So, what’s in the update exactly?

Droid RAZR

Well, it would appear that Verizon has fixed a number of  things including that pesky SIM notification error that many of you have complained about since the device launched in October.

The update will also include a number of other things, including:

  • SIM error notification has been fixed
  • Improved camera features and quality
  • Improved stability of menu access, browser, phone dialer, video playback and music player to prevent force-close errors and lockups
  • Updated group message notification in e-mail
  • Improvement in 3G/4G data connectivity
  • Maintain network connection upon completion of a voice call
  • Background color has been adjusted to improve readability in Lapdock connection UI menu items

All in all, a fairly sizable update and one that should please Droid RAZR owners.

For more on Verizon’s Droid RAZR, head here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. motorola droid

    12/27/2011 at 4:00 am

    I’m rooted and love my Razr. Received the update last. Re-rooted in 2
    minutes and everything is working beautiful. I’m not sure but I’ve
    always had a quick gps fix but now it’s lighting speed…not sure if the
    update did that or I’m just happy. So far 3g works great and I’m not in
    a 4g area so I cannot give my feedback about that fix.

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