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Droid X2 Display vs. HTC ThunderBolt Display Outdoor Visibility (Video)



When it comes to phones with big 4.3″ displays like the Droid X2 and the HTC ThunderBolt, the quality of the display is a big deal. The Droid X2 comes with a qHD display that looks beautiful indoors and is also bright enough to be readable outside without looking for shade or the right angle.

Droid X2 screen outdoors

While using the Droid X2 as our primary phone, the outdoor performance impressed us, especially compared to the HTC ThunderBolt. Below you’ll see the Droid X2 vs. the HTC ThunderBolt in an outdoor setting with the display brightness set to 100%. Keep in mind, it’s not perfect for outdoors, but it is significantly more readable than the ThunderBolt.

Droid X2 Display vs. HTC ThunderBolt Display Outdoors

As you can see, the screen on the Droid X2 is brighter, which means it is easier to read outdoors. The Droid X2 isn’t specifically made to be used outdoors, like the G’Zone Commando, but it does perform well thanks to the bright display. While using the phone outdoors all day Saturday, with the screen at auto-bright, we were able to last all day with the X2. When it shutoff Saturday evening, it had been on for just under 13 and a half hours. Pretty good with no syncing restrictions and a bright display.

Droid X2 vs. HTC ThunderBolt

Here’s an indoor shot, which shows you how the displays compare indoors, to show off the brightness.


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