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DroneMobile Turns Any Car Into a Smart Car for $500



DroneMobile connects your car to the Internet allowing you to track where it is, remote start, lock and unlock the car and monitor almost everything you want to know about your car over Verizon 4G LTE. The DroneMobile solution works with all cars, including manual transmissions.

The DroneMobile system is sold at Best Buy with GeekSquad installation, and the new model integrates 4G LTE connectivity so that you can monitor and manage your car with an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Unlike a traditional remote start solution that comes with your car or is installed at a dealer, you can use this with more than a keyfob. Most factory remote starts systems don’t include a monthly service fee like DroneMobile, but they also don’t let you manage the car with an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Use DroneMobile to connect your car to the web for GPS tracking, alerts and remote start from iPhone or Android.

Use DroneMobile to connect your car to the web for GPS tracking, alerts and remote start from iPhone or Android.

Although the system itself is not new, the ability to completely monitor your car and GPS track it is a big feature update for CES 2015. You can use the app to track your vehicle location and see if doors or the trunk are open.

All of this works with the Drone module that connects to a remote starter and to 4G LTE to bring your car online. This allows you to see what is going on with your car and to manage the car’s status from the app. This includes the ability to remote unlock or lock the car and to remote start to get heat or air conditioning to work. With the app, you can also see alerts for vehicle warning lights and even shock or break ins.

The video below details the DroneMobile features, which vary depending on the model you purchase.

DroneMobile claims it will work with 100% of cars on the road today including imports, luxury cars, hybrids and manuals. On top of the DroneMobile device and installation, users need a subscription to the DroneMobile service to use the features.

DroneMobile Basic is $49.99 a year and offers Keyless entry, Remote Start and alarm alerts. The Premium subscription delivers GPS tracking, Alerts and an overall vehicle status report in the app.

You can buy DroneMobile at Best Buy and at many other car electronic retailers. DroneMobile offers a search tool to find a location near you that can install the device. This is not a Do-It-Yourself installation option.

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