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Dubsmash: The Hit App You Need to Try Today



The hottest new iPhone app isn’t from Facebook and it isn’t really new, but it’s sticking in the top of the charts because it delivers hilarious lip-syncing fun for users. Dubsmash lets users make short video messages and send them to friends or post them online.

You can lip sync to your favorite song, favorite movie quote, commercial or sound clip. If it’s funny, outrageous or memorable you the clip is probably on Dubsmash just waiting for you to act it out on video with your lip sync.

Here’s the deal. Even if you don’t plan to share your Dubsmash videos with the world, you need to try this popular app. There is no login needed to get started and it is tons of fun to try on your own or to try with a group of friends.

You need to try the Dubsmash app.

You need to try the Dubsmash app.

If you love movie quotes, singing along to music or just sending your friends funny clips to break up their day you should give this a try. It’s even fun if you only save the clips to your phone and laugh at how well you nail Zoolander or Clint Eastwood quotes.

What is Dubsmash?

The Dubsmash app is a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to lip sync to short audio clips. The clips range from TV ads and movies to raps, songs, Internet hits and much, much more.

Search and find an audio clip in Dubsmash and then use your front facing camera to record your lip-sync to the quote. You can retry multiple times until you get it just right and then you can share it on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Text message or save it to your camera roll to share anywhere.

Download Dubsmash for iPhone or Dubsmash for Android.

You can start using the app without signing up, but after you try it out you will need to sign up or login to add effects to your clips and to use the full features of the app. Signing up takes about 10 seconds and is free. There are no in-app purchases needed to unlock extra sounds.

How to Use Dubsmash

Using Dubsmash is very simple. You get a few more customization options after you login or sign up, but you can start trying it out without entering any info.

My best Alan Rickman impression from Die Hard. #YippeeKyaaaa (sp ?!?!)

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Tap on a category or search for the sound you want to Dubsmash. You provide the video, but you don’t actually talk. This is you on camera, but someone else’s voice.

If it helps you can actually say the words. The app will not record your audio, just the video of you so sing it, shout it or act it out with gusto and only your actions will appear in the Dubsmash video. You can re-record your video until you get it right. After you record it you can add text, add emoji and even add props that can stick to your face as it moves around.

When you get a Dubsmash that you like, you can save it to your phone or share it.



  1. shane

    06/19/2015 at 12:30 am

    now is me sing along

  2. uzair

    06/19/2015 at 2:11 pm

    how can i save the file which irecrded
    an where we can find the recorded files plz kindly teel me with screen shots
    because iam recording the file but iam unable to find recorded files plz tell me whole process with screen shots

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