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DuraLink iPhone Cable Review: Shortest iPhone Cable



The DuraLink iPhone Cable is a small iPhone charging cable that fits in pockets, purses and backpacks to turn any USB port into an iPhone charger.

There are many retractable and short iPhone charging cables, but the Joy Factory DuraLink iPhone Cable is my new favorite, earning a permanent place in my gear bag.

The DuraLink iPhone Cable is just 3-inches long. That’s small enough to fit in a pocket with the iPhone.

This is the shortest iPhone cable I’ve used and among the shortest available.

Shortest iPhone Charging Cable

The DuraLink is the shortest iPhone charging cable I've found.

The DuraLink iPhone Cable charges and syncs the iPhone or iPad. Perfect for traveling in case users need to backup the iPhone on a trip.

I would never use this cable at a desktop because there is no place to set the iPhone while connected to such a short cable, but while traveling or working in a coffee shop this length is perfect for topping up using a notebook’s USB port. Many notebooks can charge a phone while powered off, so this cable could even charge the phone up while walking down the street.

DuraLink iPhone Cable

The DuraLink iPhone Cable is perfect for charging the iPhone with a notebook.

The cable is well-built with a sturdy, yet flexible, feel. I have no worries about this cable breaking during extended use.

Joy Factory also sells longer versions of this cable, in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths. I am using the 6-foot cable to charge my iPad and iPhone at night because it is long enough to use either device while in bed, something I cannot do with the standard cable that Apple ships with the iPad and iPhone.

Buy the DuraLink iPhone Cable for $14.95 at Amazon. The 6-foot version is available from Joy Factory for $24.95.

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