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Early iPhone 6s Release Date Rumors: 5 Things to Know



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iPhone 6s Release Details You Can Believe

iPhone 6s Release Details You Can Believe

Here is a look at the iPhone 6s rumors that you can count on as you plan your upgrade, or as you decide to buy the iPhone 6 today.

We expect to see two new iPhone models this year with the same 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screen size. Apple normally delivers an upgraded camera and this is another thing that we expect to happen in 2015.

An upgraded processor that brings with it exclusive iOS 9 features is also something that is a safe bet. Count on the iPhone 6s release date to arrive on most major U.S. carriers very quickly and soon after on smaller carriers.

We also expect that Apple will stick with a familiar iPhone 6s design and that the price will not change for the base model.

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1 Comment

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