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Easy Controller-Control Center Adds the iOS 7 Feature to Android



Many Android users may not like iOS 7 in general, but plenty of us love the new Control Center despite its security issues, so a developer quickly created a version for Android that works better than what Apple offers. Easy Controller-Control Center for Android slides up from the bottom of the screen and controls important settings like its iOS 7 counterpart, but it also lets the user customize it in ways iOS 7 Control Center users can’t. Unfortunately the Android app doesn’t work on the Nexus 7.

The Easy Controller-Control Center (free) app runs constantly in the background, sort of. The icon stays in the notification area, which gets annoying and normally doesn’t happen with background apps. See the icon between the two Gmail icons below. The functions Easy Controller puts at an Android phone user’s fingertips make the background issue a minor one.

easy controller-control center for android

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and the app presents a set of useful settings toggles at the top of the slightly transparent black overlay. The white icons are easy to see. Turn on/off things like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, Rotation lock and more.

Below the settings toggles we get a brightness slider. There’s also a check box to turn on/off auto brightness.

Next we see the media controls, great for quickly pausing a song, skipping a track or changing volume. The media controls won’t let the user select which media app to control. The user must launch a music app and start playing music from the app before this section of Easy Controller-Control Center works. We tested it with a few media apps, like Pocket Cast and it doesn’t play or pause that podcasting app. It only seems to control the built-in Android Music app. That’s a terrible failure.

At the bottom of the screen we get two screens of four app icons for a total of eight. To add custom apps, swipe to the right, revealing the four user-defined slots. Tap the plus button and a list of app icons show up. Tap one in the list to add it to the slot in Easy Controller-Control Center. Users can replace one of these by tapping and holding on that slot. Any of the eight slots can show custom apps.

ios 7 control center

The app includes four apps already installed by default. Just like iOS 7, we get one for flashlight, compass, calculator and camera.

The app developer needs to fix two things. First, the music controls should get expanded so they control more than the built-in Music app in Android. Second, it doesn’t run on the Nexus 7, and possibly other tablets. Still, of the few iOS 7-style Control Center apps available in the Google Play Store, we like this one the best so far.



  1. Jeanette

    10/20/2013 at 6:01 am

    So if android is so superior to the iPhone why are they always copying iPhone features.

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