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Epic 12 Minute Battlefield Hardlines Trailer Reveals All 



Electronic Arts’ Battlefield Hardline may have recently been delayed to sometime next year, but that isn’t stopping users from learning more about all the features being packed into the game or even the opening of the game’s story. At Gamescom 2014, Electronic Arts revealed an epic trailer that takes users deep into the game.

The entire 12-minute trailer isn’t some two or three-minute look at a multiplayer beta or a brief overview of the game’s graphics. Instead, EA is practically handing every potential Battlefield Hardline buyer all the information they need to determine if the game is right for them to purchase.


This new Battlefield Hardline trailer takes users deep into the first-person shooter’s story. Users watch early on as three characters are betrayed by a friend and end up imprisoned and waiting for someone who’s willing to pay bounty hunters to see the two gentlemen that the early story revolves around alive. One of them men happens to have a hidden pick in his hand that allows him and another prisoner to escape the locked room that they’re in and take down enemies in and around the missile silo that they’re being held in.

All through the process users are introduced to the game mechanics that are exclusive to Battlefield Hardline. As this is a first person shooter, there’s a lot of that here. Battlefield Hardline’s big claim to fame is that it’s trying to turn the typical single player story on its head. Users will have the option to play both cops and criminals — that is to say users will be able to play as a member of the police or as a hardened criminal hell-bent on getting away with every crime they can. Gadgets and various guns will feature heavily in the game too.

The entire single player story is meant to play out like an episode of a crime television show — so something like Law & Order. That’s interesting because we don’t usually see a lot of differentiation in the way first-person shooters tell a story. The only other game we know about that takes liberties with single player story telling techniques is Remedy Studios Quantum Break and it’s exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

If Electronic Arts is hoping for Battlefield Hardline to be a success all the different things it’s trying with this game have to be delivered flawlessly. Last month Electronic Arts announced that it was delaying Battlefield Hardline into 2015 after originally schedule the game for release this year. At the time, the studio in charge of developing Battlefield Hardline said that it decided to delay the game because it wanted to make the game’s story more in-depth and personal. Apparently, there were a lot of bugs and stability fixes to add to the game too. That last bit is definitely important because last year’s version of the game, Battlefield 4, was absolutely stuffed with bugs. In fact, Electronic Arts is still trying to recover from that. Even today, some users are still reporting that the game has issues that Electronic Arts has failed to address.

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Despite releasing this new trailer, Electronic Arts isn’t sharing any new launch details for Battlefield Hardline. As such, we still don’t have any release date details besides knowing that the game will launch sometime next calendar year. When Battlefield Hardline arrives it’ll be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Windows PCs. The game’s already available for pre-order at Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop and other games retailers. It’ll cost $59.99 for a standard edition version of the game. $69.99 gets PC users a digital version of the game and some related extras at no additional charge.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This year's edition of Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, promises to be a huge departure for the series. To be clear, players objectives for the most part remain the same. Players will still be tasked with killing the enemy as fast as they can. That being said, Sledgehammer, the game’s developer, has put its own stamp on the franchise.

This year’s game will come loaded with strange new gadgets. There’s a new directed energy weapon for when you really need to take down an opponent with just one shot. New weapons will also give players the ability to temporarily see through walls when they need to. This being a game about war from the future, there’s also plenty of outlandish flying vehicles and exoskeletons that gives players the ability to climb walls and super strength.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on November 4th. It’ll be available on the Windows PCs, the PS3, the PS4 and the Xbox 360 in addition to the Xbox One. Xbox owners will get access to special downloadable content before anyone else.

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