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Epic Casetify Tech Accessory Hands On



If you’re looking for awesome and affordable tech accessories, look no further than Casetify. This company makes a full lineup of cool gear for the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the AirPods. We recently had the opportunity to go hands on with a huge collection of iPhone cases, including custom options, Apple Watch bands and a super cool AirPods case that is super thin and in our favorite color.

We’re taking a look at the new custom DTLA cases for the iPhone, Impact Cases for iPhone, Printed Saffiano Apple Watch bands, a custom Apple Watch band, a cool 2-in-1 leather Apple Watchband kit and the new Neon AirPod skins. Check out a closer look in the video below and more details about these exciting new accessories below.

Custom DTLA Cases

A custom DTLA case from Casetify.

A custom DTLA case from Casetify.

The DTLA or Downtown LA cases from Casetify come with a cool look that the company says captures the style of the concrete jungle. I love the look of the olive case with orange lettering, and the fact that it offers 6.6 feet of drop protection while still being thin enough to work with wireless charging.

The buttons are especially nice. Small cutouts let them move easier than the buttons on most cases, and while this seems like a very little thing, think of how often you’re pressing one of these buttons on your iPhone case.

$49 to $55 at Casetify

Casetify Impact Cases


Great looking and protective Casetify Impact cases.

Great looking and protective Casetify Impact cases.

The Casetify Impact cases for the iPhone are incredibly protective, and also beautiful. You get your choice of amazing designs including floral, abstract art and other cool options and you can get these fro phones as far back as the iPhone 4 and all the way up to the iPhone XS Max.

This thin case provides 6.6 ft of drop protection, works with wireless charging and includes see through designs so that you can show off your iPhone color.

$35 to $50 at Casetify

Saffiano Apple Watch Bands

Comfortable and cool looking Apple Watch bands.

Comfortable and cool looking Apple Watch bands.

The Casetify Saffiano Apple Watch bands are great looking and super comfortable. The Remove Before Flight option is what initially caught my attention. There are a lot of other options that you can buy with designs already on them. You can also choose a custom Saffiano band with your initials on it. These are great looking, fit nicely and you can choose the color of the Apple Watch connector to match your model.

$52 at Casetify for Printed and Custom

Casetify 2-in-1 Leather Watchband Kit

A stylish single or double loop Apple Watch band option.

A stylish single or double loop Apple Watch band option.

The Leather 2-in-1 Apple Watchband kit from Casetify is a nice option if you want a high end look at a cheaper price. You get a single loop leather band and a double loop band in the same kit. This lets you wear the single loop every day and dress up with the double loop. This is a really cool looking option that isn’t my personal style, but that has a great build quality and is very comfortable. It’s available in a range of color options including a beautiful red.

$100 at Casetify

Neon AirPod Skins

Add a dash of color to your AirPods with the Casetify AirPods skin.

Add a dash of color to your AirPods with the Casetify AirPods skin.

Apple still refuses to give us new AirPods colors, but you can change this up with the Casetify AirPods skins. These are kind of like a sleeve or a case, but they are thin like a skin. The Casetify skin is thin enough that you can use the new AirPods 2 wireless charging while it is on and it is translucent so you can see the LED indicator on the case. This is a two-pack, so you can mix and match the colors, or you can give another color to a friend.

$25 for a 2-pack at Casetify



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