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Ergo Demoed on a Dell XT Latitude Tablet PC



I caught up with the folks from Ergo  during CES Unveiled. They were demoing their search and Flickr annotation software on a brand new Dell XT Latitude Tablet PC, and man did it shine. Ergo’s software is built for touch and ink, and it features some really cool 3d flip implementations of objects and navigation. In addition, Ergo is not too far off from having their software multi-touch ready, which will offer some iPhone-like pinch / squeeze of objects. Check out their software – it is free for download. Watch the video below or download it directly. Also, be sure to checkout a demonstration on Ergo’s site.

On another note, I have to say that after playing with touch on the Dell XT, there is no comparison to other passive touch implementations. It is very soft to the touch, and feels very smooth. I was quite impressed with the XT.

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