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Ergotron WorkFit C Stand Up Desk Reviewed



I’ve been standing up to work a lot more lately in an effort improve my health. I recently reviewed the Ergotron Workfit S, a system that clamps onto any normal desk. I really enjoy using it, but it does make having a normal desk kind of pointless. Enter the Ergotron Workfit C, a self-contained standing desk that Josh Smith has been using.

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The WorkFit C is portable, which means you can move it from room to room.

Like myself, Josh is working to improve his health. After several chiropractor treatments and a month of using the Workfit C he’s able to stand for about three-quarters of the day. This standing desk costs about $900, which might sound like a lot, but there’s really no excuse to be forced to sit for eight or more hours per day in a cube.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. aftermath

    10/20/2010 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks for covering this. This is VERY important.

    Please people, rely less on your traditional chairs and desks. It’s like junk food. It’s culturally convenient and habitual, but it’s not very good for you. Like junk food, you don’t have to cut it out of your life completely, just find ways to substitute healthy alternatives. It’s something that we can ALL do.

    The key really is MOVEMENT. Standing completely stationary is (probably) better than being sedentary and stationary (the medical evidence is not clear on this). However, standing and moving around a little bit is better. Activate your muscles, as many and as often as possible. If you can’t lose your desk, then lose your chair and get an “active sitting” or “active seating” solution.

    I know several people who have converted to the Ergotron WorkFit (I tend to “get on people’s cases” about their workspaces), and I can anecdotally validate the contents of this review.

    As I’ve said in previous comments, if you want to try a standing desk, never under-estimate the usefulness of a gut-high file cabinet that can probably picked up for a few bucks from your local classified ads.

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