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Evernote 2.0 for Android Released: Prettier, Faster and Better Integrated



Evernote for Android received a well needed update today, bumping up to Evernote 2.0. The new version of Android is a big update to the Android version of Evernote which has been functional, but somewhat stale for a while now. The update isn’t just cosmetic, though you’ll notice the improved homescreen right away; it also brings about faster performance and better integration with the Android platform.

New Home Screen and Interface:

The new homescreen gives you quicker access to the information you need with quick access to a new note, new snapshot or to dive into your old notes, tags or notebooks with prominent icons. There’s also a search option on the homscreen which is moved to the upper right corner when you are in a note.

New Views and Sorting:

While looking through your notes you can browse by notebooks in a “stacked style” view. The biggest changes to the view comes when you are looking at a single note. Simply tap “More notes” and a small display of thumbnails will show up in the bottom of the note. You can swipe left or right to view your other notes without leaving to the main screen.

Easier note creation:

The new note creation interface isn’t just quicker to get to, it makes it easier to add attachments including pictures, audio, video or a file. Another cool new feature is that you can record audio while taking notes. This is great for when you are trying to take down notes and the speaker is talking too fast or if you just want an easier way to leave yourself a voice note on the go.

In addition to adding attachments we found that viewing notes with attachments, such as a PDF, was improved in Evernote 2.0 on our test Droid.

Better Integration with Android:

Evernote 2.0 is much more integrated with the Android OS. If you are running Android 2.1 the built in Google Search widget will now search Evernote notes. You can also use the updated Evernote widget for fast access to Evernote. Finally, you can now add shortcuts to your Android homescreen which will take you directly to a note, tag or notebook. This is an easy way to quickly get back to a note you are constantly updating or a notebook you need to reference a lot.

New Options:

  • Offline Access for Premium users: Premium Evernote subscribers can now access their notes offline. Enable in preferences.
  • Storage options: Running out of storage space on your device’s internal memory? Evernote 2.0 lets you move the app to the SD Card.
  • Sharing from other apps: You can send content from other apps into Evernote using the sharing option. We’ll grab the info and turn it into a new note.
  • In-app Premium upgrade: You can upgrade to EvernotePremium straight from the application Settings.

The newer version of Evernote for Android is a big step up and one I wish I had access to while using evernote to compose a best man speech over the past few months. While the old version was got the job done, I found mysef constantly emailing notes to myself rather than opening the app since it took too long to get from having an idea to typing it out. With the new shortcuts I could have had fast access to my speech to add bits of insight I gathered at odd times over the months leading up to the wedding or I could have recorded an audio note much faster.

In brief testing of Evernote 2.0 for Android the performance was much snappier and marks a significant upgrade to the Evernote experience on Android. Android users can download Evernote 2.0 for Android from the Android Market today.

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