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Evernote Arrives on Android Tablets With Big Screen Interface



Evernote is finally coming to Android tablets in a big way. This morning Evernote announced a new Android Tablet app which is available to download to your Honeycomb tablets right now.

evernote tablet homescreen

Evernote Android tablet homescreen

Gone is the upscaled Evernote home screen full of unused space, and in its place is a new Evernote Android tablet home screen. Instead of a collection of icons, the new home screen gives you fast access to your notes in a beautiful image and date friendly layout. From this screen you can search, create new notes, share existing notes and even view them on a map.

evernote android tablet on screen keyboard toolbar

Evernote for Android tablet on screen keyboard toolbar

Evernote chose an innovative way to deal with the space taken up by the on-screen keyboard, adding a quick access bar to the top of the keyboard when you are in not view.

The toolbar allows you to, “choose a notebook and assign tags; the next two allow you take a snapshot, record audio or attach a file; the last ones let you create styled text.”

Evernote Android Tablet Search

Evernote Android Tablet search options.

From the home screen of the Evernote Android tablet app you can tap on the magnifying class for a drop down search box. Search allows you to access search history, saved searches and perform advanced searches from your tablet.

Honeycomb Evernote

Evernote single note view.

The new single note view includes all the info you need on the current note as well as a collection of other notes. From this screen you can share the note on Twitter, email it or send to another Android app.

If you are keen on entering your notes on the go, you may want to pull up your notes on a map to find a specific note that is escaping you in search. Pull up the map view and notes that are tagged with a location will pop up on a Google Map with images along the right to help you track down the note you need.

The Android tablet doesn’t get all the fun to itself. Both Android Evernote apps now support rich text formatting. This means you can add bullet points, bold, italics and underlining to your notes from any Android app.

evernote android widget

New Evernote Android widget

Another nice addition to all Evernote for Android apps is a new widget that allows you to access recent notes, quickly take a picture for a note, record a note or start a search. Fast access to taking or updating a note can mean the difference between remembering the next big thing and forgetting it because you saw a cupcake.


We are excited to see a Evernote on Android tablets. Google has had difficulties in building the Honeycomb tablet apps catalog, but additions like this add to the overall user experience. Evernote alone can’t make up for other honeycomb issues, but it is a promising addition to the app store.

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