Exciting iPad Air 2 Deals (January 2015)
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Exciting iPad Air 2 Deals (January 2015)



An exciting iPad Air 2 deal for January just landed at Best Buy, offering the biggest discounts on the new iPad Air 2 we’ve seen since Christmas. The special two-day iPad Air 2 deal is available for a limited time online and in-store and it covers every iPad Air 2 model including LTE models for multiple carriers.

You can save $50 to $100 with this iPad Air 2 deal and you don’t need any special coupons or codes. The deal is valid Friday January 23rd through Saturday January 24th.

Apple announced the new iPad Air 2 in October and in the short time since the release we’ve seen a number of iPad Air 2 deals that cut the price around $100, but most are tied to major shopping days like Black Friday, when it is hard to find one in stock.

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Even with big savings of $50 on many entry-level models and $100 on higher capacity and LTE models all of these are in stock on Best Buy with free shipping. You can buy any color option that Apple sells and you get the same warranty that Apple offers. You can contact Apple to buy AppleCare+ for $99 direct from Apple within 30-days of purchase if you don’t want the warranty options Best Buy sells.

Save up to $100 with these new iPad Air 2 deals.

Save up to $100 with these new iPad Air 2 deals.

Here’s a breakdown of these iPad Air 2 deals that are available for a limited time in January 2015. With this deal you can buy a 128GB iPad Air 2 for the price of an iPad Air 2 with 64GB of storage, doubling your room for movies, apps and more for the same price that Apple and other retailers are charging.

  • iPad Air 2 16GB – $449 – $50 Off
  • iPad Air 2 2 64GB – $549 – $50 Off
  • iPad Air 2 128GB – $599 – $100 Off
  • iPad Air 2 16GB LTE – $579 – $50 Off
  • iPad Air 2 2 64GB LTE – $679 – $50 Off
  • iPad Air 2 128GB LTE – $729 – $100 Off

There are many reasons most users should skip the iPad Air 2 16GB model, and almost as many reasons you don’t need the 128GB iPad Air 2.

The basic model connects to WiFi at home and other locations to get online. You can also connect it to a personal hotspot on a smartphone for mobile connectivity.

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The iPad Air 2 with LTE is capable of connecting to cell phone towers for access to the Internet on the go, and to WiFi at home. You can add this to many cell phone plans that share data for $10 a month. You can also use the LTE model as a hotspot for other devices like a laptop. You can buy the LTE iPad Air 2 and use it on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. You may need to visit your carrier to add this to your plan and to get a SIM card. There are day, week and month plans on most carriers.

The iPad Air 2 is a new thinner iPad that uses the same 9.7-inch Retina display as the iPad Air in a svelte package. The iPad Air 2 includes Touch ID, a new Apple A8X processor and an improved camera. This is also the first time Apple offers a gold iPad color option. You can read our tips on which iPad color to buy if you need help making that decision.

5 Exciting iPad Air 2 Cases

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

The iPad Air 2 Smart Cover is an official Apple iPad Air 2 case that  protects the front of the iPad and leaves the back open so you can show off the color option and keep the iPad Air 2 nice and slim. 

This is a polyurethane design and is available in seven colors including bright options like green, pink and orange. When in use it connects with magents to the edge of the iPad Air 2 and detaches with a pull when you don't need it. 

There is not much thickness to it and you can use it to prop the iPad Air 2 up for watching videos or making video calls or to prop it as a keyboard for typing. 

$39.99 at the Apple Store

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