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Facebook App for Android is Going Places



While Facebook’s applications for both the iPhone and iPad have their flaws, they are still far and away better then Facebook’s application for Android, an application that has been lagging behind the iOS versions since the beginning. Well it now seems that Facebook has switched its attention from iOS to Android and it appears poised to release a refresh of its Android application in the coming days.

Engadget has received a couple of screenshots of what appears to be a refreshed Facebook Android app complete with an updated menu, navigation and search. It also has a ‘Nearby’ application on board but it’s still unclear exactly what it is.

The report theorizes that it could be some kind of Gowalla type of Places application and that’s certainly possible.

Whatever it is, it’s standalone and it figures to be a big part of this update.

Facebook App for Android

Of course, nothing here is official and it’s possible that what we see here won’t make it out with the version 1.8.

In any event, it’s nice to see that Facebook is hard at work approving its Android application.

It sorely needs it.

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1 Comment

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