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Facebook for Android Gets a Much Needed Update



Facebook for Android has received a much needed update that will fix stability issues that users have been having with the popular application.

Facebook has rolled out an update, Facebook 1.9.5, which promises to fix an issue that led to the application crashing on users who either logged out or were inactive in the application for extended periods of time.

That may seem like a non-issue but I experienced it myself numerous times and so this is definitely a much needed update.

Of course, it’s not the overhaul that many Android users have been waiting for. However, that update seems to have gotten one step closer assuming Facebook 2.0 for Android is the big update.

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There are still lots of issues that Facebook needs to address in its Android application, specifically, the overall sluggishness of the software itself.

The app is extremely slow and there are times when content just doesn’t load up.

Facebook’s mobile applications are notoriously bad and the applications for iPhone and iPad are both bugged as well with users reporting numerous bugs.

The company has been extremely slow to update its mobile applications and we have theorized that it’s because the company doesn’t care much about them. Why is that? Well, because it hasn’t fully figured out how to optimize them for profit.

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We believe that because Facebook has not yet figured out how to properly place ads within the application, the development of mobile apps have taken a back seat and users are suffering for it.

Hopefully, Facebook decides to shore up some of the major issues soon, otherwise, users may keep opting for third-party applications that are found on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. djb

    06/09/2012 at 12:43 am

    They fixed it so well that the news feed on tablets is broken. Instead of full screen,we get a narrow strip down the middle equivalent to about 1/3 the width with oddly cropped photos.

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