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Facebook Has 543 Million Monthly Active Users on Mobile Devices



As part of its quarterly earnings report Facebook today announced that it has 543 million monthly active users on mobile devices, which is more than half the total monthly active users total.

The numbers come from Facebook’s Q2 earnings report, along with the company’s revenue and operation costs. In the report Facebook noted that it has 955 million monthly active users, and more than half of those users access to social network on mobile devices. The number of mobile monthly users increased 67% from the same time last year, which is tremendous growth.

Facebook didn’t announce how many users access the serve on mobile device daily, but it did say it has an average of 552 million daily active users.

The number of mobile users might increase if the rumors of an HTC-made Facebook phone are true. That will largely depend on how good the phone is, however. Previous attempts at a Facebook phone like the HTC Status failed.

Facebook wants to control as much of the ecosystem as it can, as evidenced by features like App Center which attempt to make Facebook the best method for finding apps on mobile devices and the web.

In the last quarter Facebook rolled out Sponsored Stories for mobile users, making it the first chance for the company to monetize mobile. An expanded App Center and its own smartphone are better ways to monetize mobile, which the company is likely looking at as over half of its monthly users are on mobile devices.

The number of mobile users might even increase in the coming months as the company uses ex-Apple employees to make a better iOS app and Apple builds Facebook integration into iOS 6. Facebook will of course have to deal with Apple’s tight controls on the ecosystem, but it will need to find a way to monetize all those potential users at some point.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yasmin

    09/11/2012 at 3:12 am

    That´s an intresting article and a bit shocking article…543 million FB User is really too much…But Facebook is enjoying it :D

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