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Falcon Pro 3 Brings Android 5.0 Style to Twitter



Falcon Pro is arguably one of the best Twitter apps for Android, even though the application has seen it share of troubles with the rather unpopular “Twitter Token” limit situation, but we have good news for Falcon fans. Today, Falcon Pro 3 has been released to the Google Play Store with a complete redesign.

Developer Joaquim Verges who has released many popular Android apps is back in 2015 with an all-new Android 5.0 inspired “material design” layout version of Falcon Pro for Twitter.

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In June Google debuted the brand new Android 5.0 Lollipop software update, dubbed the L release, and along with it was a completely new visual experience for Android called material design. We’ve seen most of Google’s core apps and many popular Android apps receive makeovers with the new look and feel, and today that comes to Twitter.


There are many 3rd party Twitter apps available to Android user that would rather use something more customizable than Twitters own app, and they’ve grown in popularity as of late. Sadly Twitter only allows each app a certain amount of users, which are tokens, and once they’re gone no more users can use that 3rd party app to access Twitter.

It’s a terrible situation that most aren’t fans of, one which has led many Android developers to stop working on Twitter clients, but this didn’t stop Joaquim Verges. He found ways around the token limit with Falcon Pro, and has continued to improve the app for months and months.

Today though, a brand new option is available for those interested, but it isn’t a full featured Twitter client just yet. He’s released his completely redesigned from the ground up app called Falcon Pro 3, and it brings all the Android 5.0 style and material design elements to Twitter, for a price.

Those who’ve used apps like TweetDeck will certainly love the new Falcon Pro 3, but this initial release is still missing key features (like Direct Messages) and there’s no settings menu to change the look and feel, or even the notifications.

Falcon Pro 3 brings the styling to Twitter, but that’s about it. It has a neat column design where users can add as many, or as little columns they’d like. This is a nice way to swipe between columns to see content, and to customize your experience to see only what you want from Twitter.

Then, most of the usual Twitter features you’d expect to find are included. Some of those are URL shortening, big in-line images, push notifications, and more. However, there’s no Settings menu and no direct messages for now, but those will be coming in a future release. This is essentially a beta test and early look at the new Falcon Pro 3, but users will need to spend $3.99 to enjoy it. Sadly if you bought Falcon Pro, you’ll still have to buy Falcon Pro 3, which is something many customers aren’t too happy about.

Thankfully the app also supports multiple user accounts, but each new account will cost an additional $1.99 to enable. Meaning this isn’t the cheapest 3rd party Twitter client, but certainly one of the better options available. It brings Android 5.0 styling to Twitter, looks great, runs extremely quick, and will be one app many users will want to check out once it receives more features in the near future.

For now the app is quite limited and has a lot of features missing, but being made by one of the best developers when it comes to Twitter clients means that buyers can expect good things in the future. This is the best looking Twitter app I’ve used in a while, but the $3.99 price tag may have users looking elsewhere.

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1 Comment

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