Huge Fallout 4 Deal Arrives Before Release
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Huge Fallout 4 Deal Arrives Before Release



An exciting Fallout 4 deal has emerged ahead of the game’s release date and it takes 25% off the game’s price tag. This is one of the best pre-release Fallout 4 deals that buyers will see and it’s a deal worth looking at as we make push out way toward November 10th.

In June, Bethesda unveiled its brand new Fallout game dubbed Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is a successor to the company’s critically acclaimed Fallout 3 and it will be heading to Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC in November.

In the weeks since the company’s unveiling, we’ve seen Fallout 4 details surface at a breakneck pace. Those details have included Fallout 4 release date info, new Fallout 4 bundles and several Fallout 4 deals. Today, we’ve spotted another Fallout 4 deal that PC owners will want to key in on ahead of the game’s release.

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GreenmanGaming has offered several timed PC Fallout 4 deals ahead of the release and it’s back with another deal that shaves $15 off the game’s price tag. The deal drops the game’s price from the usual $60 to a mere $45 ahead of release. This is a fantastic pre-release date deal and one that PC owners might want to jump on.


To access the deal, you’ll need to input a voucher code during your purchase. COMING-SOON25-AUGGMG is the voucher code for this Fallout 4 deal and it should drop the price by 25%. At least one site claims that the deal will end at Midnight August 28th so if you’re interested, you’ll need to act relatively quickly.

Of course, for some of you, it might not be easy. Bethesda has confirmed that it plans to release the minimum and recommended system requirements about a month out from the game’s release date. And with a release set for November 10th, this could mean that we’ll be waiting until October for the company to confirm the necessary specs. This is typical for Bethesda.

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As we push onward, we’re likely going to see new and important Fallout 4 release details for PC and console emerge. In addition to this deal, Bethesda has confirmed plans to release The Art of Fallout 4 coffee table book in December, weeks after the arrival of the game.

The regular version of the book will cost $40 through Bethesda’s store though you can get it for much cheaper through the likes of Amazon. Amazon is offering a 30% discount on the book which drops its price down to $28.06.

Bethesda says that it will also be releasing a limited edition version of the book on its store so those looking for Fallout 4 collectors items will want to be on the look out for its arrival in the days ahead.

These deals aren’t the only Fallout 4 deals floating around. Best Buy is also offering static Fallout 4 deals to those in its Gamers Club Unlocked and My Best Buy programs and Amazon has also offering a $7 discount to Amazon Prime members. Amazon has also shaved some off the price of the official Fallout 4 strategy guides.

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Those looking to score deals on free Fallout 4 gear including the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition will want to keep an eye on Bethesda’s ongoing Fallout 4 contest. The contest, which will stretch into the game’s release date, offers a number of different prizes to those who input their email address into Bethesda’s system.

Among the prizes is the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition, a collectors edition of the game that’s been sold out for several weeks and one that won’t be coming back to shelves. Bethesda has confirmed that it will not be making any more Pip Boy Editions which means that buyers will need to work hard to acquire one ahead of November.

Those interested in another limited edition Fallout 4 bundle will want to keep an eye on LootCrate’s Fallout 4 offer. We’ve heard that the company might only be making around 1,000 or so crates for Bethesda which means that it could be even harder to find than Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition.

Fallout 4 Release for PS4, Xbox One & PC: 7 New Details

New PC Fallout 4 Release Details

New PC Fallout 4 Release Details

Let's start off with some fairly new and very important details regarding the PC Fallout 4 release. 

First, those of you who have already bought the physical version of Fallout 4 for PC will want to know that you'll be able to activate the game through Steam. This probably doesn't come as much of a surprise given that Skyrim worked the same way. 

And second, know that Bethesda probably won't release the PC requirements for Fallout 4 until much later in the year.

Bethesda's Pete Hines says that it probably won't make them public until we're about a month out from the game's November 10th release date. In other words, you should be on the look out in early October. 

Fallout 4 is a massive game and there's a good chance that it will require an impressive set of specifications to run at the highest levels. Unfortunately, we may not know the specific details for a few more weeks. 

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