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Finally a Reason for TV Companion Apps: Shopkick Delivers Deals While You Watch



TV companion watching apps have been around for a while now, especially on the iPad, but for the most part users don’t get anything other than some extra that will be on YouTube the next day. Now, Shopkick will be delivering discounts to your smartphone while you watch TV. The technology is being shared with advertisers at the CW Upfront Awards and will debut this fall on CW programming.

Shopkick started out in stores, but now you will be able to keep your smartphone at hand while watching TV and earn rewards and discounts for watching ads. The rollout will be slow, but eventually you should be able to do this on numerous channels. On top of the deals, Shopkick can also be used to take you direct to the product you just saw a commercial for. While we certainly won’t want to go to every product page, we’ve all seen a commercial for something we want to buy, but either forget or can’t find it online later.

The Shopkick app is available for Android devices and the iPhone. The apps listen to a special sound that has been traditionally found in select Best Buy and other retail stores to allow users to earn rewards and kicks that can be used to earn rewards.

The nice part about Shopkick is that users who don’t have the app or who don’t want their smartphone to be a part of the viewing experience won’t be bothered by the commercials since the sound is one we can’t hear.

What do you think? Are you more likely to use a companion app if you can earn rewards and deals? Personally, I’d like to see this technology built into standard companion apps. At least then I wold be more likely to use them.

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