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First Google Nexus Q Shipment Sells Out In One Day



Yesterday Google had a few Nexus Q units in stock and listed the device as shipping in 3-5 days, today it looks like that first batch is sold out.

Just 24 hours after listing the Nexus Q as shipping within days the Google Play Store now says the device will ship in 2-3 weeks. From that change we assume Google already sold out of the first batch of its $300 social streaming media player.

The Nexus Q is a small spherical device that connects to a TV and/or a pair of speakers and streams media from Google’s Play services. Users control the device with Android phones and tablets. Multiple users can queue up music and movies at the same time, as long as they’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

At $300 the Nexus Q is more of a curiosity for hackers and die-hard Android fans than anything else. It doesn’t compete directly with the Apple TV because it has fewer, slightly different features, and it’s three times the price.

Unfortunately we don’t know how many Nexus Q units Google managed to sell before the first batch sold out. We just know that users now have to wait longer to get their hands on the device.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Google wasn’t able to make the many Nexus Q units to sell at the start. The device didn’t exactly receive glowing reviews, and we doubt there are many users dying to get their hands on the device. Users that really want a Google-powered device for their TV are probably better off buying an inexpensive Google TV device like the Vizio Co-Star instead, unless they think they can hack the Nexus Q into something interesting.

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