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Five Cool Features From The Samsung Galaxy S III Manual



The Samsung Galaxy S III will release in Europe on May 29, but the manual for the phone is available online now.

Most of the manual for the Samsung Galaxy S III is standard information on how the phone works, and what each icon on the screen means. The manual also shows some of the new gestures Samsung built into the new version of TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III. Samsung really went crazy with some of the software features on its new flagship, but here’s five cool new features we found in the manual.

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Samsung added in a new burst mode and “Best Shot” option for the Galaxy S III’s quick-to-launch camera. With the rotate gesture, userscan get to the camera app simply by placing their finger on the screen when it’s off and rotating the phone to landscape. Users need to enable the camera shortcut for this gesture to work.

Double Tap

Samsung’s double tap works the same as tapping the status bar at the top of the screen on the iPhone or iPad. Simply double tap the Samsung Galaxy S III to move to the top of a list of contacts or email messages. It’s not clear if the feature extends to other third-party apps, but it’d be great if it did.


The shaking motion actually has two functions in the Samsung Galaxy S III. Shaking the device will make it search for Bluetooth devices, presumably when not in other apps that use the motion are in use. Shaking the phone will also refresh the list of emails as well as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and AccuWeather. Shaking is easier than reaching across the 4.8-inch screen for a refresh button, making the phone easier to use with one hand.

Hand Sweep

Samsung created its own method of taking screenshots with the Galaxy S III. Instead of a button press, users just need to swipe their hand horizontally across the screen. With the phone’s gigantic 4.8-inch screen swiping a hand across it could be easier than pressing two buttons at once. It seems like the gesture might be difficult to pull off without tapping something on the screen.

Motion Unlock

This feature is only for those who don’t mind the security risk of not using a pattern or password to unlock their phones. With this gesture, users simply place a finger on the screen of the Galaxy S III and tilt the phone forwards to unlock it. It’s an incredibly simple way to unlock the phone without speaking to it or pressing a button and swiping. It does, however, mean that anyone can easily gain access to the phone, which isn’t always a good idea..

Samsung built a few other gestures into TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III, including the return of tilt-to-zoom that Samsung introduced on the Galaxy S II. The manual for the upcoming phone details all the new features.

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