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Fleksy SDK Brings Third-Party Keyboard to iPhone in More Apps



Apple usually frowns upon third-party keyboard support, but as long as its own keyboard is used in its own apps, then the company doesn’t seem to care otherwise. With that said, the popular third-party iPhone keyboard Fleksy just released an SDK to the public (software development kit), meaning that we’ll see third-party keyboard support in more apps.

The SDK allows app developers to implement the Fleksy keyboard into their apps for free, and it’ll be a typing option for those who need a little more out of their keyboards than what the default iOS keyboard offers. Fleksy theoretically allows you to type faster using predictions and gestures to help fill in words and type quicker sentences.

The makers of Fleksy say that integrating the keyboard into apps will be effortless, so there’s no reason that app developers won’t include Fleksy support in apps (unless there are other reasons, of course), but users will need to download the Fleksy app in order to take advantage of the third-party keyboard in other apps.

Fleksy was the first third-party keyboard to hit iOS, and its not the only one to hit Apple’s mobile platform. SwiftKey Note was launched last month for those who want to take advantage of the Android exclusive third-party keyboard. The only catch is that users have to use the SwiftKey Note app in order to actually use the keyboard.

One feature that Android users have enjoyed is the ability to easily use third-party keyboards. Apple is a bit more restrictive in this case, so iOS users haven’t had the luxury, but this will be the first time that we’ll see a third-party keyboard option coming to iOS that will be available in multiple apps, as long as app developers keep up with development and updating their apps with the Fleksy add-on.

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