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For Honor Problems & Fixes



The world of For Honor is a dangerous one. The hack and slash game from Ubisoft puts together the warrior classes of history’s most notable civilizations, from the Samurai to Europe’s Knights. The game’s whole world is a fun-filled and dangerous battlefield, and the hope is that For Honor problems and server issues won’t ruin the festivities.

For Honor officially arrived on store shelves for purchase and digital store fronts for download this morning. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, For Honor is the publisher’s first title in the hack and slash genre. A cataclysm forces the world’s greatest civilizations into coexisting, something that the previews of the game indicate doesn’t go all that well. The game’s single player experience explores the conflict between these major groups. Players get to switch from civilization to civilization, giving them the opportunity to explore each warrior’s strengths in weaknesses.

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Ubisoft Montreal mixes the same worlds and characters in the main game to create a multiplayer experience that’s unlike anything console gamers are used to. Online systems allow the game’s different stages to reflect what faction has conquered that territory through online battles. Players get to sword fight, and beat their friends to death with a mace, all in the name of defending their faction from aggression.

It’s still early, but reports of widespread For Honor problems aren’t streaming in, despite it being release week. Here’s the For Honor problems that users are reporting, thus far. Whenever possible, we’ve also included fixes and guidance for working around these issues.

For Honor Problems: 006000043 on PCs

For Honor support recommends verifying the integrity of your game download, if you come up against Error Code 006000043 or get blocked by For Honor’s anti-cheating technology.

“When using Steam, update to the latest version by verifying the integration of the game,” a Ubisoft Support Forum topic on the problem notes. The company recommends doing the same thing through UPlay. Instead, you simply right-click on the game in your list of installs, select Properties, then click on the Local Files tab. Verify Integrity of Game Files should be the last button in the pop-up window.

As for the anti-cheating issue, the company recommends navigating to the game’s installation folder on your drive, then right clicking on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file in the EasyAntiCheat folder. Select “Run as Admin.”

For Honor Problems: Can’t Connect to Matchmaking on PCs and Consoles

List among known For Honor problems on the Xbox One and PS4 is NAT Group types. Right now, the company says that any group with two members or more set to Strict NAT networking won’t be able to reach the game’s matchmaking systems.

The company recommends inviting, “Friends with open or moderate NAT types.” You can find out about your console’s NAT settings in its networking and internet area inside settings.

For Honor Problems: Xbox Live Connectivity Issues

It appears that some users are having trouble connecting their copy of For Honor for Xbox One to the game’s servers. If this happens to you, the company recommends clearing your console’s cache by pressing the Xbox logo on your controller for 5 seconds to power down your console, then unplugging the console and finally plugging the console back in. Once connected again, the company is encouraging users to shut off their modem and router, then restart it. It’s also encouraging users to check their firewall to be sure that ports necessary to the game aren’t being blocked.

For Honor requires UDP: 53, 88, 500, 1000, 1001, 3074, 3544, 4500, 6200, 6300 & TCP: 53, 80, 443, 3074.

For Honor Problems: Can’t Go Fullscreen on PC

For Honor players with an NVIDIA GTX M card inside their PC are sometimes unable to play the game in fullscreen for some reason. There’s no word on a fix yet, but Ubisoft says in a support in the Ubisoft Support Forum that has worked to get issues with the TITAN X GeForce graphics card under control ahead of release.

For Honor Problems: Missing Downloads for Gold Edition for Xbox One

Some Xbox One owners report not getting some of the digital extras that were included with For Honor Gold Edition. That version of the game should have 3 Scavenger Crates, a month of Championship Status, Exclusive Emblem and Sunbeam Emote.

Ubisoft has yet to make a statement about the problems, but you can post your issues in the existing Missing Rewards forum topic to be sure that it grabs more attention.

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For what it’s worth, the For Honor problems we are seeing right now are mostly related to the game’s downloads being missing and the PC version of the game spawning error codes related to connectivity and saves. If you’ve purchased For Honor on PC through Steam, you should be able to get a refund on the game because of these issues.

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