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Forget iPad 3 Rumors, Check out These iPad 3 Facts



For months we’ve been sharing iPad 3 rumors with you, and when Apple has announced the iPad 3 event for March 7th, we found even more to tell you about.

Once you get past the buttonless iPad 3 and the high resolution display on the iPad event invitation, you might want to settle in for some iPad 3 facts.

While we can’t go crashing through the gates at Foxconn or find an iPad 3 in a bar, we can share iPad 3 Facts from Joy of Tech.

(Read: What We Know About the iPad 3.)

Nitrozac and Snaggy have put together a hilarious collection of iPad 3 Facts, in the style of Chuck Norris Facts. You can see a few of the iPad 3 facts below, and the full comic on GeekCulture.

iPad 3 facts joy of tech

Click for full iPad 3 Facts comic.

My favorite iPad 3 Facts are listed below.

  • iPad 3 is so kickass it ships with Chuck Norris action jeans!
  • iPad 3 is so loaded it gives a dividend! (Apple’s now worth half a trillion dollars)
  • If the A-Team has a problem and no one else can help they call the Pad 3!

As for real iPad 3 facts, features, specs and pricing, we won’t have anything official until March 7th. If you want to see our best guesses for the iPad 3 event, I suggest you read, What to Expect at the Apple iPad 3 Event, where Adam Mills lays out the latest rumors and expectations.

We’ll be bringing you the iPad 3 Announcement event on March 7th, followed by iPad 3 guides and our full iPad 3 review as soon as the iPad 3 is released.




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