Free Verizon Data for Thanksgiving: Here's How to Get It
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Free Verizon Data for Thanksgiving: Here’s How to Get It



Just in time for Thanksgiving, Verizon is yet again giving away more data to its customers. Here’s how to get your free Verizon data to use during Thanksgiving.

More likely than not, you’re probably traveling for Thanksgiving and will spend the long weekend with family away from your abode, which means you’ll probably use more smartphone data than usual.

Verizon certainly knows that, but instead of reaping the benefits of charging customers for overage fees on their data, Good Guy Verizon will actually give you a full gigabyte of data added onto your current data limit. This promotional data will only be available for a certain amount of time, but it should be enough to get you through Thanksgiving without getting too close to your data limit.

The Big Red carrier has rarely been shy about giving its customers free promotional data. In fact, we can count a few times this year where Verizon gave its subscribers free data just for the heck of it, and even though 1GB of data isn’t as great as the carrier’s previous promotions in the past, we’ll certainly take it and run considering that data is at a premium these days.


Verizon is calling its latest promotion Thanksgetting — a clever play on words of the upcoming holiday and how you’ll be “getting” instead of “giving” with Verizon’s latest promotion.

The headlining feature is that you’ll get 1GB of free data tacked onto your current billing cycle, and then you’ll receive 1GB of data again during your next billing cycle, totaling up to 2GB of free data over two billing cycles.

Of course 1GB isn’t a lot, but if you already have a low data limit, 1GB can be a pretty big boost for sure.

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To take advantage of the new promotion, simply just click on the Thanksgetting link above and then click Get it Now. You’ll have all weekend to sign up for the promotion, but there’s no harm in doing it now if you can.

On the next page you’ll continue and eventually you’ll need to sign into your Verizon account. After that, the free 1GB of data will be added to your account right away.

One thing to keep in mind is that the 1GB of free data can only be applied to one account and not each line on an account, so if you have a shared data plan, that 1GB will just be tacked onto your pool of data that you share.


If you thought the promotion ended there, though, then you’re sorely mistaken. On top of the free Verizon data that you can receive, the carrier is also giving away more free stuff on November 25:

  • iTunes: Get a $5 iTunes Gift while supplies last.
  • Amazon: Get free eBooks and free music, movies, TV and app downloads.
  • Pandora: Get a Pandora One 30-day free trial while supplies last.
  • Lyft: Get up to $20 off a Lyft ride while supplies last.
  • Boingo: Get free airport Wi-Fi.
  • Gogo: Get a free 30-minute Wi-Fi session on select airlines.

All of these offers start on November 25 and will end on November 26 at 3am ET, so be sure to mark your calendars in order to take advantage of all this free stuff. Just keep in mind that the above offers start at midnight, so if you want to make sure that you get in before the lock on some of them, you may want to stay up a little later than normal to collect.

It’s not everyday when a carrier offers these kinds of promotions, so it’s definitely something to be thankful for as we get closer to Thanksgiving.



  1. Florence

    02/26/2016 at 4:02 am

    Anymore free data???

  2. Traci

    04/05/2016 at 2:31 pm

    per Verizon rep/Elizabeth 4/4/16 — this promo expired already :(

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