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Fujitsu TH40 Sliding PC Tablet Gets Postponed Indefinitely



Fujitsu’s TH40, the company’s answer to the Samsung Slider 7 shown at CES, is now postponed indefinitely without much explanations. The company is only citing development delays as the cause of the problem, but it’s unclear what these delays entail.

The Fujitsu TH40 is another form factor for a netvertible with a tablet touchscreen on the front and netbook-like Intel Atom guts on the inside. The sliding concept was a popular one at CES earlier this year, however, with Asus’s Eee Pad Slider, running on Google’s Android Honeycomb OS, and the Windows 7-based Samsung Slider 7 getting a lot of attention. Like its two rivals, the Fujitsu model has a screen that slides out and tilts forward, offering a comfortable viewing angle for use with a hardware keyboard.

On the PC front with systems running Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, Samsung has still not announced a release date for its Slider 7 model so it’s unclear if the Fujitsu’s development delays are related to Samsung’s; at CES, Samsung would not let anyone touch its Slider 7 PC and the model was demoed to press and audiences by an official product rep.

Via: Akihabara News

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