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Full iPhone 5 Event Video Available



Apple’s posted the full iPhone 5 launch event video online. The event focuses on the iPhone 5, the company’s flagship mobile product, before diving into Apple’s iPod lineup.

The professionally shot video runs for 117 minutes, beginning with Apple CEO Tim Cook giving an update on Apple’s retail operations and ending with a Foo Fighters performance.  If you don’t want to watch Cook droning on about metrics, you can fast forward to the 12 minute mark for he iPhone 5 presentation.

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 4.47.00 PM

Click the Above Image to View the iPhone 5 Video at

The iOS 6 feature demo begins at the 40 minute mark. Apple executive Scott Forstall starts off with a demonstration of iOS 6 Maps, including the flyover feature. Forstall also shows off how iOS 6 users will be able to use Siri to update their Facebook statuses.

Apple’s iPhone 5 highlight video can be found at the 50 minute, 30 second mark. The iTunes portion of the keynote starts at 57 minutes. Apple introduces the new iPods 75 minutes into the video. If you’re more interested in the Foo Fighters than all the new Apple gear, jump to 102 minutes.

Apple didn’t live stream the iPhone 5 event, but did make this video available just a few hours afterwards. The company is currently requiring those interested in watching the full video to visit as it hasn’t posted the video to its YouTube channel or its Podcast channel.

The iPhone 5 is the first Apple phone to feature 4G LTE, a technology that’s been available on Android phones for a year and a half. Other iPhone 5 highlights include an improved camera, a taller display and smaller docking connector. Apple claims the iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone on the market. You can read more about the iPhone 5 here.

The full iPhone 5 event video is available at

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